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A Romantic Love Cruise

By Yunus S Saliu

Has it ever crossed your mind before that there is another better and more romantic way to increase the fire of love between you and your partner, especially on your holiday trip? Have you ever thought of going on a journey or traveling and been both left alone (on the silent hour)? Well, another way of enjoying your love life is to cruise around with your partner, especially on a yacht or ship.

In dating, you do not need to lock yourself inside always. You need to change your outing style to ignite the fire of love between the two of you. It is always good sometimes you go on a lover’s trip and this could be a short or long distance journey. It could be by sea, road, or air depending on how buoyant you are. However, you can equally do this as well by strolling a long distance where you will get tired and relax side by side with each other.

It is very romantic to travel on a yacht or ship where you can go to the deck and sit on a chair with a long space in front where you can raise and place your legs. Side by side, on the deck, stretch yourselves on the chairs and have your legs stretch on the long space, and look at the horizon. By your side have a bottle of red wine with two glasses for yourselves, soft drinks, or juice depending on the choice of your drinks.

Romantically you will feel the cold breeze from the sea passing through your bodies and this will make you feel like clinging together forever. Togetherness you will enjoy and be able to count the skies you can see on the cloud if it is evening and the objects in the ocean in the afternoon. As you do this you engage yourself in a romantic talk that will remain in your memory for a long time, which you will always like to do.

Take your partner to the climax by making it more exciting. Go near the rails to watch the sea. Doing this by holding your partner’s hand and raising it to your face for caress among other things will make you feel electrifying. The body chemistry will explain more and tell you what to do as you need no love doctor to put things right for you at such a moment. As a woman, place your head on your man’s shoulder while you, as a man will have your hand go behind her back for stroking.

Share more glasses of wine. You, the man have to raise her chin with your hand and while she is raising her head, you should both look deep into each other eyes. This reveals pure love because her forehead is there waiting for your action. The pleasure of this kind of love will become unbearable and memorable in your love life.

You can try to do this once in a while with your partner and you will always feel more excited.


Yunus S Saliu

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