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Acting Is An Anti-stress For Me, I Enjoy It

By Yunus S Saliu

One of the Gambian popular actresses, Fatou Gomez Williams, has disclosed her love for acting saying it is an anti-stress to her that makes her feel comfortable and happy. As she is saying compliments of the season to everyone, especially her unshakable fans and colleagues, she enjoined youths to come to join the industry which is still very open for more talented ones.

In this interview, she talked about her career, the industry, and more that you would like to know about her. Read on:

DT: In brief, introduce yourself to your readers and fans out there

FG Williams: My name is Fatou Gomez Williams. I live in Lamin, West Coast Region with my family. I am 50yrs old.

DT: Talking about your career, how did you get into acting?

FG Williams: I got to acting right from my school days. So it is what I love doing since my school days. Then there was a time during my school days when we were requested to pick a script from the Bible and act according to the narrations eg. the birth of Jesus, Easter celebrations, and so on. So, from this, I got inspired and decided to continue with it as a passion.

DT: Apart from being in the movie industry, what other work do you do?

FG Williams: Well, I’m working as an HR/Admin Manager with a reputable company but that doesn’t stop me from pursuing my dream as a well-known actress.

DT: So far, so good how are you enjoying the profession, and for how long you have been acting?

FG Williams: I have been into serious acting since 2012, that’s 10yrs now. Being an actress, I’m enjoying it because there is no dull moment when you are on set, the interaction and support amongst the crew. This keeps me satisfied.

DT: What are the challenges so far that you are facing in the industry?

FG Williams: There are lots of challenges in the movie industry, but to name a few it includes inadequate cash flow to reach locations sometimes I have used my money, and no support from the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC), the general public, and Stakeholders. This is bringing the industry backward in The Gambia.

DT: How profitable has the acting career been for you?

FG Williams: Hmm profitable! The acting career in The Gambia is not profitable because awareness is lacking that’s why when there is a movie premiere the turnout is always very low. And it is from this cash flow, they would want to pay the crew.

DT: Can you tell us more about the movies you have featured?

FG Williams: I partake in a lot of movies some premiered and others were not. Among them are Pretend to Love, No to Backway, It’s Enough, Family Dispute, Who The Crown Fits, and many others that I can’t remember because some are yet to complete.

DT: Which one is more challenging to you so far?

FG Williams: The most challenging among them, I can say is Who The Crown Fits because this movie is all about Igbo land royal issues (a tribe from Nigeria). In this movie, I need to master the accent, pronunciation of the names, and mode of dressing among other of their traditional ways of doing things and living.

DT: Which among them is your favorite?

FGWilliams: Wow! Who The Crown Fits, I can say it’s my favorite movie among them.

DT: Do you have a special role that you like to play but haven’t taken up yet

FG Williams: No. I don’t have any special role that I like that I have not played yet.

DT: What role do you think Gambian movies are playing in the country taking into consideration how things are going on in our society, especially among the youth?

FG Williams: Well, movies or drama is not just only for entertainment but it is also meant for educational purposes. Scriptwriters write to educate people, and producers of movies produce to educate people just the same the actors and actresses act to put smiles on the face of people and educate them, too. So movie production is playing a big role in society because is always written as per the situations/happenings around us concerning not only the youths but the people in general and what’s going on in society.

Fatou Gomez Williams

DT: Have you progressed in your acting career as you expected?

FG Williams: Well, not really because the movie industry in this country is very slow and I hope we’ll pick up very soon.

DT: How easy it is to get a role to play in any movie in The Gambia?

FG Williams: I believe getting a role to play in any movie is not difficult because we are not many and the producers and the directors know the capability of most of us actors and actresses.

DT: Do you have a group of your own or a group that you are specifically working with or are you just working with anyone that invites you?

FG Williams: I’m freelance; I work with any producer that invites me but also depends on the terms and Conditions.

DT: How do you cope with office work, acting, and your matrimonial home?

FG Williams: When you talk of Management, check it out with women. I believe we are the best managers in any way, the home, work, and play… that’s no big deal.

DT: Do you have support from both family and husband in this profession?

FG Williams: Yes, I have all the support from my family, so I’ll seize this opportunity to thank my husband and kids, for the weekends I will go on set early and return home late. Thanks for your understanding (her hubby) and the encouragement. I will also remember my late elder brother may peace be upon his soul, in those days he encouraged and supported me financially most of the time to reach locations that were far.

DT: Do you have any news for your fans, probably about a new movie you are working on?

FG Williams: Ooh yes! I am telling my Fans to braise up for “Who the Crown Fits it’s gonna be a boom. When it is out can’t afford to miss it!

DT: What would you like to tell your fans and others that would like to join this industry?

FG Williams: A big thanks to my Fans, and I’m sending them lots of kisses and Hugs. Let them continue the support we shall soon be on top In Shaa Allah. More so, I encourage my age group to come forward, let me tell you acting is anti-stress to me I enjoy doing it for comfort. And the youths, too, come on the doors are open this would keep you busy, and most especially discipline because what you’re directed to do is what you do, so l encourage the youths to Come on board so we can grow the movie industry together. However, Compliments of the Season to everyone, my fans especially.


Yunus S Saliu

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  1. Avatar

    Mariama Williams

    December 4, 2022

    I’m Proud if you Mum and will always be…
    I love you Forever ❤️
    Keep making us proud ✊?

    • Avatar

      Yunus S Saliu

      December 4, 2022

      Mum appreciated you too… read share and subscribe for more informative stories

    • Avatar


      December 4, 2022

      Yamz?? oowW baby girl you’re my strength luv you

  2. Avatar

    Muhammad Samsidine Camara

    December 4, 2022

    Hard work, works.
    But working really hard that’s what
    successful peoples do.
    Enjoy the fruit of your labor.
    Wish you the best, this is just the beginning
    Of the an Era. Much love to you ❤️

  3. Avatar

    Ebou Sanyang

    December 4, 2022

    Keep it up Madam Williams. We proud of you .

    • Avatar


      December 4, 2022

      @ Ebou…thanks I appreciate

  4. Avatar

    Lena .M. Mendy

    December 4, 2022

    Aww aww this is so so great FG Williams
    Keep it up with the acting and push up more high and by God’s grace all shall be well with y’all… Amen ????

  5. Avatar


    December 4, 2022

    Wonderful I love this one. Gambians should wake up for a new face of entertainment

    • Avatar


      December 4, 2022

      @ Ozy..thanks we are in this together I appreciate

  6. Avatar


    December 4, 2022

    Hi Sam thanks so much…much luv

  7. Avatar


    December 4, 2022

    MaShaAllah Aunty faa wishing you all the best InShaAllah

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