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Destination Gambia: A Glance At The Smiling Coast of Africa In 11 Photos

It is always different responses that you will get as a first-timer when you tell some friends that you are going on holiday in destination Gambia, The Smiling Coast of Africa.

In The Gambia, you can have a fantastic holiday, as the country has more to offer. The extremely friendly people, who speak good English in general, and the best achievability make it the perfect destination to meet with Africa. Below are a few places that you can visit in the destination.

Albert Market

Visiting one of the largest markets in destination Gambia, it is a global market of the country. It is colorful, cheerful, and busy, and has a cacophony and scents that will make you like coming back for a visit.

Tanji Fishing Village

Tanji Fishing Village is by far the most hectic place that some tourists might ever visit. It is West Africa’s largest fishing port and that can be seen as described by one of the Tourists who gave her experience at the Tanji Fishing Village. Saying, in the afternoon, hundreds of fishing boats arrive to land as the catch of the day. That just happens by hand. The fish is laid in a basket, headed and boys run from the waterfront to the edge of the beach. The boys are paid by basket, so they run their legs under their bodies. And if you do not notice and stand in the way, they walk you upside down but give them unequal.

At the end of the beach are women who sell fresh fish. If they have nothing to do, as I found out, a bunch of Gambian people-worse-you-not a nice addiction. Between the fish-selling women and the main street are a lot of smokehouses. A portion of the fish is not freshly sold but immediately smoked on the wood fire. That gives amazing images, but a terrible air.

Kunta Kinteh Island, and Juffureh/Albreda

A trip to James Island, perhaps better known as Kunta Kinteh Island, is absolutely a must. The island tells the story of slavery. On the island is a castle what it was about the epicenter of slavery. From Banjul, you cross the Gambia River towards Juffureh. There you are visiting the slavery museum, which is really worth a visit, and a school where children really give the motto ‘The Smiling Coast of Africa’. With a small boat, you go to the island where the ruins of this small but incredibly important piece of history can be seen.

Kachikally Sacred Crocodile Pool

This place is holy for the Gambians. Here are about 100 crocodiles found in a pond. According to the custodian, the water of this pond is good for infertile women. In addition, it is of course good for tourism. The well-groomed and fed animals are easy to punch and photograph.

Abca’s Creek Lodge

Abca’s Creek Lodge is a beautiful lodge in the middle of the mangrove run by Abdoul and the Dutch Car Line (AbCa). A place to explore the beautiful nature of Gambia, although this place is well worth a visit. Not only for the monkeys, birds, and fantastic surroundings, but also, for the hospitality of this cozy couple and the delicious food!

However, Gambia is an excellent winter holiday destination. Especially when you are looking for a holiday that offers more than just lying on the beach. You get to know Africa in an accessible way. The people are extremely friendly and speak good English. Be prepared for people who want to touch something, though not in a nasty way. I think the rule 1x is no, no, and they have peace.

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