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Destination Gambia Is Exotic To Italians

By Yunus S Saliu

On an Educational Trip to the country, an Italian tour operator specialized in marketing unique tourism destinations described The Gambia, Smiling Coast of Africa, as an exotic destination for Italians and a perfect part, taking into consideration the country’s wishes and norms.

Alexandra Mancini, the CEO and Co-Founder of Connect 2 Italy and team disclosed that the exoticism of the destination “is more appealing to Italian people.”

He pointed out some beautiful status of the Smiling Coast which includes accommodations that couples, families, and visitors can stay for a good price like four, and five-star hotels and they are situated in good locations. “And of course, there are good kitchens and there are nice things, you can visit a good part of the country and relax on the boat,” he affirmed.

Among these beautiful places, he continued, is the riverside, visiting the tribes, the good part of the country “So destination Gambia responds to totally what Italian person is looking for in this moment for holidays.”

Mr. Mancini asserted that The Gambia is close to Italy, and “there are good seas, good food and people in the country are amazing they always smile, laugh and happy with everybody.”

Still on the beautiful places around are the markets that Italians will always love to go and there are lots to do here “I believe with Connect 2 Italy, we can do a lot to represent The Gambia in Italy and wherever they may need because we have found a country where we can go up and down and create a very good professional,” he noted.

Coming to the Gambia, he said, was a great experience for him and added that with the help of the Gambia Tourism Board, he said on their concluded visit to destination Gambia they were able to do lots of activities within a few days of stay.

The Connect 2 Italy team who were fascinated with the destination visited the craft markets in Serrekunda, Senegambia, and Banjul Markets where they spent lots of money on souvenirs that they affirmed would be loved by Italians.

Meanwhile, the Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard) often organizes Edutours (Education Tours)for tour operators, travel agents and reps, journalists, and influencers with the sole purpose of making them get first-hand experience and knowledge of the destination to better equip and assist them in selling and offering destination Gambia in their inflight magazines, travel journals, newspapers, TVs and online visibility.


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