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Destination Gambia – The Smiling Coast of Africa

Friendly People, Nature, Food, The Peace And Tranquility

Are you looking for a destination where you can not only enjoy the warm sun, a nice beach, delicious food, and the most beautiful palm trees, but also get to know new, special cultures, traditions, and eating habits?
Then the Gambia “The Smiling Coast of Africa, is definitely a country you want to visit! Whereas The Gambia might be known as the smallest nation in mainland Africa, the Destination has equally developed a reputation as one of the continent’s most tourist-friendly countries. The Gambia, known as “The Smiling Coast of Africa,” is due to its friendly and smiling people. It is an obvious promise of warm weather. Home to everything from quiet tropical white sandy beaches, excellent local and international cuisine, and colonial architecture to an abundance of flora and fauna that is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts (bird watcher’s paradise), it’s nothing less than a hidden gem along the West African shoreline.

The Gambia is a fantastic all-year-round destination the sand and sea are certainly tempting, you can enjoy numerous accommodation options during holidays in The Gambia. Whether it’s 5-star luxury holidays, 2-star comfort, a homestay with a local family, a lodge floating on the River Gambia, or a stylish eco-retreat, this range of quality accommodations will suit all manner of holidaymakers.

The Gambia River is a prominent visitor attraction and a dominant feature coursing through the middle of The Gambia. Blessed with abundant wildlife ranging from chimpanzees found at the River Gambia National Park to hippos, and birds to water sports such as skiing, kayaking, fishing, dolphin watching, cruising, surfing, and entertaining, cultural encounters. The majestic River Gambia is totally navigable and uniquely beautiful.

Gambia River

The Gambia is traditionally very tolerant of all religious creeds and beliefs and while the country is predominantly Muslim, with up to 95% of the population practicing the basic tenets of Islam, it is essentially a non-spiritual country and it prides itself on its broad-minded acceptance of all faiths respecting other people’s faith. The Gambia also prides itself as one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world where all faiths live together in harmony.

Additionally, The Gambia is home to several hustling and bustling markets, all providing a great insight into day-to-day Gambian life, as well as the opportunity to buy some souvenirs to bring home.

A Bird Watching Paradise

Bird Watchers

The Gambia is a true paradise for a bird watcher/ photographer with over 550 species. It’s certainly a dreamland for birds and those who love watching them. Our guides who are full of knowledge and experience will bring you closer to the different species. The guides will help you find and recognize birds if you are a novice photographer. You will realize that these experts have eagle eyes.

There are daily trips for bird watchers and visitors whose passion for bird watching never ceases. Visitors can book tours nationwide for bird watching, or even spend a few days at many resorts and lodges in rural Gambia where the choirs of feathered friends sing continuously.


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