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The Gambia Among Five Destinations To Visit For First-Time Visitors To Africa

By Yunus S Saliu

The Gambia, known as The Smiling Coast of Africa is one of the five best countries and specific places of interest that you should visit if you are a first-time visitor to the continent.

Destination Gambia was lined up among the five best countries – Rwanda, Ghana, Botswana, and Tanzania, with specific places of interest you should visit in Africa as first-time visitors.

According to Jana Brnakova and Hana Leakey of, Africa as the second largest continent by both area and population, is certainly worth experiencing and these five countries “are all tourist-friendly, safe, and seriously stunning.

These two travel and tour writers disclosed that “The Gambia might be the tiniest mainland African country, but The Gambia has a lot going for it. Its balmy temperatures all year round make it an ideal getaway, especially since it’s also known for its fine beaches.

“Its shape is unusual — the border outlines the River Gambia, making it a narrow, somewhat squiggly country. It’s only up to 50 kilometers wide, but 480 kilometers long, surrounded almost entirely by Senegal. As the story goes, the territory of The Gambia was decided by a British warship that navigated up the river and shot out cannonballs; the British claimed the land that fell within a range of the shots.

So, what is there to see? “There’s plenty around the river — aside from the beaches, this is what most people come to The Gambia for. Kunta Kinteh Island, (officially James Island), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sits right in the middle of it. Unfortunately, it’s suffering from erosion and is now approximately a sixth of its original size, so you best see it sooner rather than later! Since the river takes up a significant portion of the country’s length, a boat trip will uncover many more of its beautiful natural sights. And if you set out early in the morning, you can watch as the jungle awakens — an unforgettable spectacle,” Jana Brnakova and Hana Leakey of outlined.


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