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Destination Gambia Travel Guide

The Ultimate Gambia Travel Guide With All You Need To Know

Are you looking for a destination to visit, where you can enjoy beautiful weather all year long, has great beaches, and where you’re surrounded by palm trees?

In that case, the Gambia, The Smiling Coast of Africa is, definitely a country you’ll want to visit. And the fun part is that you get the hospitality of the locals as a bonus, and get the opportunity to meet new, special cultures, traditions and eating habits.

Gambia is a country that has a lot to offer. Besides the fact you can enjoy your resort the entire day with a smile on your face, there are lots of fun things to do when you’re done lazing with a cocktail in your hand.

Go on a boat ride through the mangrove forests, visit the heart of Gambia; the Tanji Fish Market educate yourself on the slavery that played a large part in Gambia, and continue with the Kunta Kinteh boat trip.

If you haven’t traveled outside of Europe a lot, I would recommend you always take a local tour guide with you. They know the areas like no one else and they can inform you with all sorts of inside facts about the country and the habits. Most of the excursions are easily booked via your hotel.

Good And Fun To Know About Gambia

The Gambia is a small country with over 2 million inhabitants. That’s about three times as small as other countries in Europe and everyone knows each other.

Malaria mosquitos are present in the Gambia. But they’re most active in the rainy season (between June and September) and then most of the time only when the sun sets.

Use anti-mosquito spray DEET preferably throughout the entire year, but especially during those months, leave the air conditioning on, and wear clothes with long sleeves during the night. If you’re actually receptive to malaria also has to do with your resistance. The choice to take pills for malaria is all yours.

Don’t be scared if they’re a cow all of a sudden behind you on the beach, this is perfectly normal here!

Are you going back to your Destination? Make sure to shake hands with left, this means you’ll see each other again someday. Fun!

Fun To Do In The Gambia

Gambia is three times as small as other European nations and yet you can see, do or experience something different here every day for months. Below are lined up things you can do in The Smiling Coast of Africa even though there are many more.

Visit Tanji Fish Market

One of my favourite things to do in The Gambia is wandering around at the Tanji Fish Market. You really get to taste the authentic Gambia here.
It’s the market in The Gambia where it all happens. Aplenty of people, scents, colours, noises, and countless other stimulations come together here. My tip: sit down somewhere for about fifteen minutes and absorb everything, look around you, and observe. Let down your camera and enjoy the organized chaos here and ‘The Smiling Coast of Africa‘.

Senegambia Strip

Want to dive into the nightlife of destination Gambia? Go to the Senegambia Strip and first eat a bite at one of the good restaurants around, enjoy the live performances, and visit a café or even a club afterward. It’s the place where locals are more than willing to go out for a dance!

Kunta Kinteh Beach

One of the nicest spots in The Gambia to have dinner, relax, and take a walk on the beach is Kunta Kinteh Beach. A resort with a restaurant, some wonderful lounge beds, and a beach with palm trees that instantly gives you that tropical feeling. Not only is the food here delicious, the vibe here is even better!

Delicious Food And Drinks in The Gambia

Believe it or not, you can have some delicious food in Gambia! I’ve fallen in love with the Gambian cuisine by now and I would do anything to taste the domoda (rice with peanut sauce) again (on the beach that is, of course). From rice with chicken to sweet snacks like wonjo and baobab, these dishes, snacks, and drinks are something you’ll definitely want to try in Gambia.


My favourite dish from Gambia is without a doubt Domoda from the Madinka tribe. A rice dish with peanuts as the basic ingredient, tomatoes, chicken, or beef. Or rice with peanut sauce as you may like, but way tastier than you know it. Honestly, I’ve eaten it every day and I can’t wait to order it the next time!


When you order coffee, that contains a fair amount of sugar cubes, by the way, you’ll get pancakes. And no, those are not the pancakes that we know. They’re deep-fried, crispy balls with a fluffy inside that you’ll can’t get enough of. Like a Dutch Doughnut! Made out of milk, wheat flour, coconut powder, and strawberry powder that gives it a hint of strawberry taste. They’re even more delicious with honey or mango puree, to really give into that sugar rush. Ask the locals if you can taste one, these are (probably) more fresh, crispier, and tastier than the ones in your hotel.

Courtesy: Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard)


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