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Discover Gambia: Embark On A Journey With Inspirational Adventurers

By Yunus S Saliu

Get ready to join me on my next Gambia city tour for a unique friendly and hospitality tour with an experience that will linger in your memory for a long time. This piece is an additional memory of my Adventure Trips That Inspires Diplomats in The Smiling Coast of Africa.

Banjul City and Greater Banjul Area offer an array of exciting places and activities to do like sidewalk at the Tourism Development Area (TDA), exposure to nightlife events, attending festivals, walking at the national parks, seeing and listening to stories at the museums, lying around the hotels seaside, visiting historical sites, among other places. But this time I have chosen among other activities that give me invaluable tour experience in the city with some influential adventurers.

I chose river cruising, and visiting the craft market, honey factory, and palm wine tapper farm all these went along with great hospitality while I ended the tour at the Kunta Kinteh Beach Complex for palatable food and assorted drinks, especially local drinks, powered by the Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard).

River Cruising

It was a weekend, and my tour as per the itinerary began with the Sounds of River Gambia from the popular Denton Bridge where we cruise River Gambia, I boarded one of the lined-up boats for the trip. The excitement of the tour started as I was introduced to influential adventurers onboard.

The river cruising was from Denton Bridge to the famous Lamin Lodge, a wonderful experience. As the boat sails there comes an audible voice from one of the boat assistants welcoming people on board, as well as introducing the available facilities on the boat for passengers to enjoy.

Duration for the trip from Denton Bridge, Banjul to Lamin Lodge in the West Coast Region can go for 45 minutes if you want the journey at a fast pace and 2 hours at a slow and leisurely pace but all depending on the clients.

The sea was calm, clean, and not rough while enjoying breakfast onboard; the greenery part left and right looked more attractive with early morning birdwatchers in their different fishing boats alongside other commercial boats transporting goods from Denton Bridge to other places such as Barra, Lamin, Tendaba. It is never a dull trip especially seeing oyster women harvesting oysters from the green vegetation known as mangroves that you can see around pathways. Mangroves are very important to the rivers as I was told by a boat captain in one of my boat trips in the creek.

However, from beginning to end of the river cruising terminated at Lamin Lodge, you will be mesmerized by every moment especially seeing women rowing their dugout canoes used to harvest oysters in the mangroves and also anglers inside boats with their fishing rods.

Walking Around Lamin

Lamin Lodge is another lively eco-friendly environment with eco-friendly products too. People around this lodge are friendly with all day long and night enjoyment. Also at Lamin Lodge and even the village, your sense will be awakening to the beautiful and multicultural uniqueness of the community’s people, including their way of life.

Brikama Craft Market

Brikama Craft Market is another highlight of the tour. It is a market where you can buy souvenirs to give to family and friends during your trip to the destination Gambia. It is a big market situated along the entrance to Brikama and accessible to everyone who likes works of art. At Brikama Craft Market, you can learn different craft works including carving, sewing, drum beating, and dancing with other traditional activities of your interest.

The vendors in this market received visitors with great pleasure especially having diplomats and high-rated adventurers participate in drumming and dancing.

Wonderful Experience

It was a spectacular experience at the palm wine tapper’s farm, learning and having practical experience on how to climb and tap palm wine from the palm trees, although it is not all palm trees that produce wine.

If you want to know how juicy palm wine is there is a need that during your next trip to destination Gambia, you should visit the palm wine tapper’s farm and experience what others experienced.

Kunta Kinteh Beach Complex

There is no better place than Kunta Kinteh Beach Complex to have your tour break, relax, and enjoy palatable lunch and drinks that will linger in your mind for long.

The place offers a varied selection of food and drinks, and its beach is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, as well as entertainment for children and adults. The Tripadvisor traveler reviewed Kunta Kinteh Beach Complex as ‘Perfect for the Beach’ in January 2024.


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