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European Research Institute And Partners Establish Observatory Cells Along Coastal Communities

By Yunus S Saliu


The European Research Institute (ERI) in partnership with Makasutu Wildlife Trust (MWT) and Sahel Wetland Concern (SWC) has established observatory cells along the coastal communities located along the Gambia River at the areas of the CONNECTING project.

“CONNECTING Project called Coastal Observer Network for Monitoring the Effects of Climate change along the Gambia River is a continuation of the project called GCCA which has exhausted its period but extended and called GCCA+ under the National Environment Agency (NEA),” Lamin Kuru Kongira, Head of Makasatu Wildlife Trust disclosed.

As part of the mandate of the CONNECTING Project, he said the consortium has established a community-based Coastal Observer Network to enhance the monitoring of the sheltered coast along the Gambia River. Also, the Consortium established four observatory cells in two regions of operation – West Coast and Lower River Regions respectively.

“In every region, we have two cells and this observatory cells got six indigenous volunteers that know the areas very well within the coastal line,” he disclosed.

In the Lower River Region, two cells were established at the villages called Bomako in Kiang Central and Tendaba, and two others in Bintang Foni and Bonto villages in Kombo East, West Coast Region and where the cells are established are all close to the river. “This will allow them to observe the climate change impacts at the coastal area along the River Gambia,” he added.


Yunus S Saliu

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