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I’m Passionate About Acting, It Makes Me Happy!

By Yunus S Saliu

One of the iconic names in the Gambia movie industry, Fatoumatta Bah, which her role in movies has earned her the sobriquet ‘Ma Nyima, Sis, or Fatou Gomez’ in a chat with the DTourisphere has disclosed her journey so far in the industry. She speaks about her personal life and the type of her dream husband. Fatoumatta Bah also known as Fatima’s Entertainment is a role model to many people and colleagues in the industry, she said she is passionate about acting thus it makes her happy. She is not a lamp that only lights the way for others but for herself, too, as she already has among her daughters that is acting and even won The Best Actress Award. Read the excerpts to know more about her:

DT: Can you introduce yourself to your awesome readers?
FBah: Just like you know, my name is Fatoumatta Bah commonly known as Fatmat Entertainment. I am an actress, producer, and presenter currently the Social Secretary of the Gambia Union of Theatre (GAMUT).

DT: Producing, presenting, and acting which one do you like more

FBah: I love acting.

DT: Since you love acting takes us through the journey of your acting career

FBah: I started my career with acting and this started when I was in primary school precisely at the age of 9 when I was in grade 6 at the Serrekunda Primary School. Then we had a drama team and the head teacher, Badou Jeng, was our drama master. He taught us singing, dancing, and acting. I become a fast learner in anything he taught us. And For most of the stage performances, they will just cast me to go on stage to act, do some modeling, and do some related things. This continued in my secondary school days in Brikama where I did grades 7 to 9. In grade 9, we had a competition I featured in a drama, dancing, and beauty pageant and I become Miss Costa’s first runner-up.

To God be the glory from thereon there was no going back, I chose it as a career because it become a passion in me which I love so much. And I think it is because I am very good at it as well. After all, whatever role or character you give to me as a director I will not just only fit in but execute and interpreted correctly as it is expected.

I become a presenter through acting because people watch me on TV and from there they built interest and confidence in me and from thereon they started giving their products to me to present and advertise for them. I started this with Kombo Real Estate among others and with it I featured them on different radio and TV stations which include Kora FM, Star FM, Sen FM, and GRTS.

More so, the GRTS always have a short drama section on weekends and they contracted our group for some of the clips while we also have a talk show program we present those clips on TV for people to review watch, and tell us the impact in society.

DT: How long have you been a producer

FBah: I have been producing for the past five years. I have produced a few movies with colleagues. My first production was done in collaboration with a producer called Victor Richard but I called him Victory Child, he is UK based. He first visits the country to do a one-man show play at Ebunjan Theatre but before his show, we (our group) met him because at that time we were on set for a movie. A movie I was a co-producer of. It is called The Pedro, Rohey Camara, Yankuba Jarret, and I joined together to produce that movie.
Richard met us rehearsing he was impressed and got interested in us because he was amazed to see some talented actors and actresses doing such wonders with or without motivation so he decided to perform alongside us, just two days before his show. We organised a press conference for him before his show. His one-man show was held at the Ebunjan Theatre and a lot of British were around to watch the show.

DT: How did you start your project, Fatima’s Entertainment?

FBah: Fatima’s Entertainment started while I was working at the Ocean Bay Hotel and from there the Coral Beach and Resort contracted me for a job but I couldn’t leave Ocean Bay so I took my group to Coral Beach while I maintained the Ocean Bay but always go to Coral Beach after closing to join and monitor them. While Fatima’s Entertainment was braising up I reached an agreement with Coral Beach Hotel (former Sheraton Hotel and Resort), and that was how we started full-time. We were been appreciated and well-known there we received positive comments and recommendations from the hotel management, tourists, and visitors. Our activities include dancing, singing, acting, and so on.

DT: Do you still perform on stage and between stage and home videos which one do you like most

FBah: I love stage performance it portrays and shows who you are professionally and what you are capable of doing. So it is very good that every actor/actress must start from the stage performance because it helps to learn and know the rule of the game. The stage gives you full-time discipline, it is where you learn body language, speaking, and action among other essential basics of acting. So if you are done with that stage performance there is nothing you cannot conquer when it comes to acting home videos.

DT: Who builds you up professionally that you cannot forget?

FBah: When it comes to entertainment Eddy D Messco trained me how to dance and do ballet among other aspects of dancing. After him I happened to work with the late Metro (RIP) he train and gave me self-confidence on stage in terms of public speaking and made me be myself and do what I love to do most. It is Metro that gave me the confidence. But when it comes to drama or movies I will give a big applause and recommend a man in Sierra Leone, who is called Junior Kamara. The first home video I ever featured I did it in Sierra Leone is titled The Boy is Mine and I was the main cast in the movie. So, I did a whole lot in that movie which gave me the first confidence to act or play any character in any movie.

DT: On stage what was your first role?

FBah: On stage for my first professional performance I played a role name Ida, it is a sorrowful storyline.

DT: How do you feel when you are featured in a home video in your first appearance and it happened to be outside your country you got the opportunity?

FBah: I feel so proud of myself because I was in a society that is not my home and everything was different and I met people that have been doing this work well before me. The audition was called and my friend told me about it. When I got there I met a lot of professionals but both the producer and director were looking for a specific character they want. As the audition was going on, it got my turn to showcase what I have I was a bit timid but my friend encouraged me and said you can do it. I told her that I have not done this (audition) before. To God be the glory I stood up and listened to what they have to say, within a twinkle of an eye my performance made them spell WOW! Some of the artists at the audition could not believe that I’m new in the industry. I was happy that in my first audition I was applauded and the next thing I was chosen for the character they were searching for without going further. I was honoured, that was the beginning of a happy moment for me in my career. It was just a week to the set and a huge script was given to me to study. After the movie, I was so much proud of myself in a way that I can never forget quickly. After the completion of the film apart from my actual payment the producer gave me some money to appreciate my work. This was how the journey of my career began professionally.

DT: How many movies have you appeared in and produced for yourself?

FBah: I have produced three films and of recent, and I newly produced the fourth one but it is yet to release in the market. I have appeared in different movies which include Ma Sanneh Ceesay, where I acted Fatou Gomez and the main cast, Allahindeh, Bride To Be (the movie I produced), The Pedro the one I am a co-producers, My Life Story (my movie too). The one that is about to release is called The Exclusive Director, it is my movie too and many others.

DT: Which of these is your favourite that you like among them?

FBah: A film called Aisha The Orphan Girl, is one of the movies produced by the Bolongdala Group.
DT: You started from the age of 9, what made you stay acting despite the inadequate finance in the industry
FBah: It is a passion in me and I’m very much passionate about acting people that are watching me give me more courage because if you are doing something that they appreciate it is good to continue but if not appreciated it is better to stop. So since people are learning and benefitting from what I’m doing it keeps me going because this makes me happy. Through this movie, people are learning and the comments received from fans continue telling me that I am contributing my quotas to the country, and that gives me that zeal to stay. And more so, I love helping people and humanitarian work because whatever you are doing you need to see to the happiness of other people.

DT: Who do you admire and like to work together within the industry

FBah: If I want to say the one I love and who inspired me most when acting is Mansata Marenah she is a role model and she knows what she is doing she always encourages the young ones so I always like working with her

DT: Then who inspired you more

FBah: Surprisingly, it is not a woman but a man, he is Manlafi Manneh he doesn’t play with what he is doing he always gives out all his energy to what he is doing. The other thing that I want to be like him is that he is versatile there is no role giving him that he cannot play. Anytime spend with him, I learn a lot, and when it comes to theatre my energy and confidence are boosted so I am always like untouchable when I am with him. This is because he will build you to a good standard thus he knows and recognizes everyone around him as per what you are capable of doing or not. He is the president of the Bolongdala Group.

DT: Is there any role you like to play that you are yet to play or what role do you like playing

FBAH: Right now my constant roles are sister and wife but the role I like to play is a sympathizer role which I have not been opportune to play. In such a role I would like to share others’ feelings, help and encourage a such person to be him or herself, and restore hope in the person. This is because I love doing charity work and I am planning to have a charity organization if God gives me the means to do so.

DT: Apart from entertaining people what other work do you do and in your leisure time what do you do to engage yourself?

FBah: Hairdressing, charity work, and in my leisure time I love cooking.

DT: How is your career supported by your husband and family?

FBah: My ex-husband used to be very supportive of my career he’s a teacher though he used to be jealous sometimes which was the only challenge I have in my job. When it comes to my children I made them to be actresses, too, because I used to carry them to locations when they were kids. They are girls and I love being around them so as they are growing they learn from what I am doing they know where my income is coming from and so on. That has helped them today to be independent and believe in themselves. And my career doesn’t stop me from my duty as a wife. My daughters are now 23 and 21 and I am having two grandchildren all doing well. The eldest of my child is in the US pursuing a career in medicine but she is also an actress, and she won Best Actress, and a singer, too. She also won the Best Singer Award while under Balance Crew. So, when it comes to marriage, I always perform my duties as a good housewife.

DT: Would you like to remarry and who should your dream man be if you are to remarry

FBah: Sure I would love to remarry with an understanding husband somebody who will help me to continue with my chosen career, and should be a husband that will add more value to what I am doing, a husband that will know that I am here to build a future and help me out. And I would love to be a wife to such a man.

DT: So far, which of all these movies has given you a tough time?

FBah: The Pedro is a movie that has given me a challenge so far. It is a very challenging movie that we spent a lot, the challenges included camping actors and actresses for good three weeks to study the script, for acquaintances, and so on still without shooting the movie. And this includes feeding and welfare in terms of healthcare. And after three weeks of camping, we moved to another location whereby we have to invite a Nigerian actor to play a role because it is an international movie we target a bigger market and international television stations for the airing. The project consumed a lot of money still the film is yet to come out but is under preview and will be out soon. Above all, money and editing caused the delay besides we are in for quality so we are just taking our time to fix everything right and when it finally comes out it is going to be one of the best movies so far.

DT: Which of the movies have made you popular and sought-after and what’s your popular stage name?

FBah: Well, people called me Ma Nyima, Fatou Gomez, or Sis. These names become attached to me because of the roles I played in movies like Aisha. I played the role of a sister in that movie and in the same movie also the name Sis (Sister) was derived. And the movie that made me popular is Ma Sanne Ceesay, it is an epic cultural and historical movie and a true life story and the name of the character I played in it is Fatou Gomez so all these names are my stage alias that everyone knows me with it and have become part of me.

DT: What are the dividends of the career?

FBah: The career benefitted me in the sense that I have driven so many people into it and because of the same career I became a partner with Victor Richard, and meeting this international artiste and producer is a big achievement for me and without this career, I might have not been able to meet some VIPs both at national and international levels. Also with acting, I have been able to be a role model to many people in the country that they even want to come into the industry because of what I am doing to educate and entertain people. It is an achievement for me to have my daughter win awards both in the Gambia and in America through my guidance and observation in the same industry I am working in.

DT: Rounding up this segment for the sake of your fans out there that might like to know more about you where can they find you on social media

FBah: On Tik Tok, it is Fatima’s Entertainment and on Facebook, it is Fatoumatta Bah.


Yunus S Saliu

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    Beautiful Interview ??well done Fatou Bah for the continuous hard work and dedication to the performing arts..keep it and wishing you all the best dear.

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    Rohey Joof

    November 25, 2022

    When it comes to the industry about theater FBah is my role model,her determination,commitment,and performance draws all my attentions,I adore this young and talented woman in all aspects, she cool she calm,humble,disciplined and da most kindhearted person I ever meet ❤️❤️❤️❤️And she is part of the most talented young woman in the industry,you deserve everything good what ever comes your way❤️❤️❤️Good luck my dear❤️❤️❤️❤️??

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      Thanks for your awesome comments

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