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From These Shores Exhibit In Juffureh Slavery Museum Unveiled

By Yunus S Saliu

Celebrating the accomplishments of known and lesser-known Africans in the diaspora across time and geography, the Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP) in collaboration with the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC), on Sunday, 5th March 2023 unveiled a new exhibit called From These Shores at the Juffureh Slavery Museum, Juffureh in North Bank Region (NBR).

The unveiled exhibit at the Juffureh Slavery Museum can also access online (POHGEP.Net) and the depictions are equally as diverse, the images include photographs and paintings created just for the exhibit. “It is from black and white photos to colorful acrylics and airbrush portraits, the images also reflect the diversity of the various artists.”

Wayne Young, president of POHGEP thanked everyone that was able to make it to the Juffureh Slavery Museum to witness the opening of the exhibit.

President of POHGEP, Dir of NCAC and Tour Guides

He said the Port Of Harlem Gambian Education Partnership (POHGEP) created and donated the exhibit with the funds bequeathed by POHGEP board member – Kevin Turner, Esquire. Port Of Harlem magazine, an inclusive, diverse, pan-African magazine is POHGEP’s chief business sponsor.

In extension, he expressed gratitude to friends and other people and especially to Kevin Turner who has bequeathed funds for the project including other members of the POHGEP.

Unveiling the exhibit, Hassoum Ceesay, the Director General of the NCAC thanked the president of POHGEP for the exhibition which is to improve the content of the museum and also the look.

He explained that the exhibition has the idea of the content and looks, as “it is ecstatic to the eye and knowledge which the visitors can get from the exhibition,” and browsing through them, he said the people will be convinced as both criteria are met.

DG Hassoum said the exhibits are new material and related to the Trans-Atlantic slave trades, enslavement, and so on, and “of course, the presentation is very beautiful which added to the ecstatic.”

Again, he thanked Young Wayne for the exhibit while thanking the technicians Michael Campbell and Modou for the installation of the displayed exhibits, and he encouraged the tour guides to familiarize themselves with them for proper interpretation to visitors.

However, the exhibit celebrates the nation’s language diversity by naming the exhibit in all eight languages. In Mandinka, it’s called “Kabo Nying Fankas” and on one panel the exhibit’s name is written in the N’Ko script, which is used to write in the Manding languages of which Mandinka is one of them.


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