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Gambia Tourism: 2022 Winter Tourism Season Is Better Than Previous Ones, Tourists Are Free And Happy

By Yunus S Saliu

Liane Sallah

Reaching the peak of this year’s winter tourism season 2022 gradually, Liane Sallah chairperson of the Tourism and Travel Association of the Gambia (TTAG) has expressed that this ongoing winter tourism season 2022 is better than previous years.

The chairperson in a brief interview recalled that in previous seasons people were living with fear and “people that travel, in Europe or come to the destination were frightened of catching Covid-19 but now people are free again to move, travel around, go places and tourists that are coming to destination Gambia are happy and feeling free.”

Among other noticeable things in the season, she said the attitude of tourists and people during previous seasons is quite different in this season as it looks like some are just free from bondage “that’s among the reasons the season is better than last year.”

Madam Sallah who is also the proprietor of African Adventure Tour, Poco Loco Hotel, and the new La Loca Club – The Crazy Club on The Beach enunciated that destination Gambia is a mass tourism country with chartered flights and the season could still be better than it is now if some certain things can be put into consideration.

Among what could make it better she explained “looking at the other countries that chartered flights they have scrapped off the Covid-19 measures in place while the Gambia still keeping the measures.”

Giving an example that people and tourists that are not vaccinated in Holland or in any other countries “that want to visit The Gambia will not easily come to The Gambia instead they will opt for other destinations. Because if they have to get the PCR test it will cost them around 50 to 70 Euros and if they have to pay that plus the 20 Euro each at the arrival and departure at the Banjul International Airport it is too much for many of them. So they will prefer other destination to the Gambia.”

The TTAG chairperson noted that the above-cited example is one of the reasons the Nordic not coming to the destination Gambia and “it is also among the reasons our third flights of Corendon Airline is not coming because they cannot sell the seats to those people that are not vaccinated hence the Gambia government still maintains all its Covid-19 measures.”

What they want the government and Ministry of Tourism and Culture to do “is to scrap this measure, scrap the whole Covid-19 measures which people have to come with PCR test certificate if they are vaccinated.”


Yunus S Saliu

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