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Gambian Actors/Actresses Are Talented And Can Perform Well But They Lack The Will And Motivation

By Yunus S Saliu

Frank Chika Adim

One of the creative story writers in The Gambia is Frank Chika Adim. He is a Nigerian actor, director, and producer. He started his creative writing in 2008 and become a film director and producer in 2011. Meanwhile, Frank as popularly called in the industry has spent over a decade in the classroom as a subject teacher but later discovered arts as a more rewarding tool of education and entertainment.

In this interview, he discussed with Yunus S Saliu how he joined the industry, the number of movies he has directed and produced, and as well discusses his latest work, the situation of the industry, especially the lack of support from the business community, stakeholders, and among others issue affecting the progress of the industry. Read the interview:

DT: Can you introduce yourself to your fans reading you?

FC Adim: My name is Franklin Chika Adim

DT: Tell us more about your career as a creative film director and producer.

FC Adim: I have been a creative story writer since 2008 and a film director/producer since 2011. I ventured into the creative industry after a decade in the education sector as a subject teacher but found the arts a more rewarding form of education and entertainment

DT: How have you feared so far in the industry as a director and producer?

FC Adim: It has been an uphill task thriving in a country (Gambia) where there is no vibrant film market and the creative industry is going through a slow pace of restructuring and development. Production of films has been a risky venture and even when ventured into has been unprofitable

DT: How do you tell your stories, especially in terms of educating and entertaining people?

FC Adim: I am a trained relationship advocate since 2009. So, most of my stories are relationship based with special interests in marital issues such Gender-Based Violence and Divorce

DT: So far, how many films have you produced and (or) directed?

FC Adim: I have produced 5 films and directed 13 films in The Gambia

DT: Do you direct films for other producers?

FC Adim: Sure, I direct films for other producers and sometimes co-produce

DT: Working as a producer and director in the Gambia what are some visible and invisible challenges you and other producers/directors encounter?

Frank On Set

FC Adim: Gambians are not yet Gambia-made films enthusiasts, the actors are reluctant to commit to the arts because of high uncertainty in film productions and lack of adequate funding that is hindering quality productions

DT: Among the films you have produced and directed, which one is/are your favorite(s), and which one also doesn’t meet your happiness or live up to your expectation?

FC Adim: My favorite films are ‘Who The Crown Fits,’ ‘The Unsung Heroes,’ ‘Boys to Men’
My least produced films are ‘100 Days to Die’ and ‘Respect My Feeling.’

DT: Since 2011 you have to be in this, apart from the above-mentioned movies what other names of the films you have produced or directed?

FC Adim: Films directed by me and produced by me or other persons include Return to Grace, Think Twice, 100 Days to Die, Missing Husband, Respect My Feeling, Back to the Land, Behind the Sin, Boys to Men, A Day for the Wicked, The Unsung Heroes and Who the Crown Fits

DT: The industry is still not booming in the country just like you noted, what keeps you going that makes you continue what you are doing?

FC Adim: The industry is a going concern and as it develops, we will get better and rewarded for consistency

DT: How did you solve some of the challenges that you encountered in this work?

FC Adim: I try to make a lesson out of every production experience and attempt to encourage my actors and actresses to be consistent in the face of uncertainties

DT: When you were teaching you disclosed that you found the arts a more rewarding form of education and entertainment. So, let me ask again what inspired you to choose this path as a career.

FC Adim: I have had a knack for creativity in writing and performing and an interest in educating people through entertainment.

DT: Or, let me put it this way is there any work (filmmaker, producer, writer, etc.) would you say you are most influenced by?

FC Adim: I am most motivated by great filmmakers who stood the test of time and graduated from one film production to another thereby putting their names on the sand of times.

DT: Tell us about some of the casts that you are using, what are your remarks about them in terms of performance and how professional are they?

FC Adim: The actors in Gambia are talented and can perform well but they lack the will and motivation given that there is a big uncertainty in film productions and their inadequate training in performing arts.

Reading Script With One of The Casts

DT: How do you source for them when you have a movie to produce or do you have a standby group?

FC Adim: I have data collection of actors and actresses I work with and use it as a referral to other producers or directors whenever there is a production need.

DT: In general, tell us about the movie industry or creative industry in the Gambia.

FC Adim: The film creative industry in the Gambia is not properly recognized, supported, funded, and promoted. Stakeholders are continuing to formulate policies that will protect the industry; Filmmakers are gradually developing themselves to meet public expectations and there is a call to the television agencies to support Gambia films by promoting them.

DT: What’s the work you are having at hand now or what’s your latest work that is present in the market

FC Adim: I just finished recording a film titled ‘Who the Crown Fits.’ The film is set in Igbo culture and presented mainly in the English Language as an exposition of what goes on in a royal family and how it is managed within the palace. It is a story of two princes disagreeing over who will succeed their sick father as they claim equal birthright and succession to the throne. The dying king orders the council of elders to prepare a set of royal tasks for his sons to challenge each other and prove who will become the next king. And in a twist of fate, the new king’s wife is unable to bear a child and suspected of having an affair with the hand of the king. It will be a battle of wits and will between brothers, the council of elders, and the royal family. It is in post-production.

DT: Wow, this must be an epic movie, but what would you like to tell your fans at home and abroad regarding the sector?

FC Adim: The film industry will get bigger and better but it will come with time. Let us support Gambia film productions and participate in the building process.

DT: So for the sake of your fans out there that might like to know more about you where can they find you online/social media

FC Adim: Facebook: Trust Frank, Instagram: afrank125, Twitter: @FranklinAdim2


Yunus S Saliu

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    Interesting Interview ?keep up the good work Director Frank and your pursuit of inspiring and training actors into perfecting their skills and pursuing their dream as an Actor.

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    Good one?keep it up Director Frank and May God continue to guide and favour your pursuit of inspiring and training actors into perfecting their skills and pursuing their dream as an Actor.

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