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Introducing Raki Jallow Author Of New Twin Books Ready For Launch

By Yunus S Saliu

She is Raki Jallow, one of the famous young Gambian female writers, novelists, and playwrights.

The ever smiley Raki Jallow who is set to launch her latest two books on the 16th of December 2023 was born on the 8th of August 1989 in Njawara Badibou, North Bank Region to one of the most educated families in the region. Presently, she works at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in the M & E Unit.

Raki as popularly called is a graduate of the University of The Gambia but developed an interest in reading and writing right from a very early age when she was still at the upper basic school thus her both parents are teachers.

After completing her secondary school education, Lady Raki wanted to join the college but was delayed in getting admission without wasting much time she worked on her interest to draft what she called her first manuscript which was later published as her first authored book.

She did not jump up to be a writer from anywhere but her journey and interest in book reading and writing began when she was a child, “writing has been with me since I was a young girl growing up because my parents were teachers and I think that’s one thing that contributed to my literary ability. This is because I have access to different books and was surrounded by books at home.”

The environment she found herself in inspired her to be a book wormer “because I read any books I laid my hand on when I was in primary school that inspired me to be a writer.”

During this period, the more she grew, the more in-depth she found herself in reading “My international favourite writer till to date is Daniel Stiles an American author whom I started reading his work while I was still very young. Although at that time I could not understand what he wrote, I was entrenched with his book which is always voluminous.”

Lady Raki was also inspired by the national writers in the likes of “Sally Singhateh, and Aunty Juka Fatou Jabang these two people inspired me a lot and when I read their books I got emotional, and despite I was still in grade 7/8. I was also motivated by the books of Mary Wadda, all these people and other books written by some Gambian authors motivated me when I was growing up because each time I read their books it ignited the fire in me. This led to my putting pen on papers to scribble down something that is a book.”

Raki’s first book titled Salimata was written in 2007 when she finished her senior high school but was at home doing nothing “I got the inspiration of keeping myself busy that was how it all started.” She finished her script and handed it over to her father who was surprised but certified with the quality of the content which was later published in 2020.

This was how this belle writer discovered one of her hidden talents and her interest was piqued. She is a playwright after invited to join the National Human Rights program by Ebunjan Theatre Association.

However, her latest work ready for launch on December 16 2023 are two books titled – A Bright Light Switched Off and the second is Because I am A Woman.

The book, A Bright Light Switched Off is a playbook centered on a brilliant girl who was schooling but unfortunately couldn’t finish her education because she had to get married at an early age and the marriage didn’t work out due to her ill health. One thing led to another her life became miserable but what next you have to get a copy of the book to know how it all happened and end.


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