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Jali Musa: A Virtuoso Musician To Launch New Album, Commemorate 11th Anniversary

By Yunus S Saliu

Musa Jobarteh, a learned traditional musician born in Foday Kunda, Upper River Region (URR) to the family of Jobarteh, one of the great traditional musician families in the region is set to launch his new album titled Gambia Kaira Su, on Friday, 24th November 2023.

Popularly known for his sobriquet, Jali Musa uses song and his powerful instruments to narrate the history of mankind, educate society on different issues, current affairs, places of affinity habitable, and more.
Taking his music to the next level, Jali Musa will launch his latest album titled Gambia Kaira Su and also commemorate his 11th year on stage on Friday, 24th November 2023 at the Hotel School, MDI Road, Kanifing.
This new album entitled Gambia Kaira Su meaning Gambia The Peaceful Country launching soon will mark his fourth album; the first one to be launched and released was in 2018, the second was in 2020 while the third one was in 2021.

Jali Musa, who is the lead vocalist of the Mama Africa Band was born to a family of great musicians he learned the trade of music from his two parents, inherited and made it part of him to become an exceptional singer, composer, music icon, and plays different instruments. He stopped going to school after his primary and upper basic schools by taking a decision that he never regretted to become a musician who is reckoned with, thus one of the top Gambian traditional musicians in the country.

Being born into and raised in a traditional music family, Jali Musa who stopped school after grade 9 because of having feelings and developing an interest in music can be called a griot and historian known as ‘Jali’. He learned the skill of playing instruments from his father, Bamusa Jobarteh, and started playing instruments on his own at 19 years old while his mother, Sarjo Kanuteh taught him song composition, arrangement, and singing in different and conducive ways. He became perfect and started singing and playing instruments in 2004.

However, Jali Musa Jobarteh was also a good farmer during his school days when the school was closed he learned his skills and also went to his father’s farm in the village to work.

The respectful and adorable Jali Musa apart from singing, is very good at playing Balafon known as the African Piano, as well as the Jembe – drum.

Among some of his favorite music is the song for his parents titled Ding Wululalu. Waxing strong and strong in the trade of music, his performance is not limited to The Gambia alone he spread his tentacle outside the Smiling Coast of Africa to perform in different countries including Senegal, Guinea, and other places with his 15 members band called Mama Africa Band.

However, the launch of this new album and commemoration of his 11th year on stage will feature popular special guest artists which include Barhama, Jali Susso, Jali Kady Susso, Good To Go, Sorra Jali Susso, and others.

For more information about Jali Musa, he can be found on his Facebook as Musa Jobarteh, Tik Tok – Mama Africa 37 and on YouTube as Jali Musa Jobarteh and Mama Africa Band.


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