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Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe To Launch New Book

By Yunus S Saliu

The award-winning author, Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe, is set to launch a new drama book titled The Throne of The Ghost next March 2023.

The author who is famously known as ML Sowe is a household name when it comes to literary administration, activism, and contemporary Gambian literature and is also one of the young people that always expose Gambian literature to the outside world.

Commenting on this ready-for-launch book, Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe also the founder and president of the Young Writers Association of The Gambia (YWAG) argued that Gambians are writing and launching new books almost every two months, but something is still missing.

He said what is missing as observed is that “Gambian literature needs awakening despite its very rich historical records. The country needs writers with the right man’s seat to expose our literature to the world. The literary environment in the Gambia is very old and vibrant with less exposure and recognition.”

Therefore, he added, “I need to get out to the public and continental stream to leverage the appreciation of Gambian literature in Africa and the world.”

Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe was awarded the African Literature Award in January 2022 by the International Association of African Authors and Scholars (IAAAS), based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and also awarded the Subscribers Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest 2021 by the Winning Writers in the USA.

The new drama book is a 101-page listed by the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) as the book of The Month in May 2022, while the book, The Throne of The Ghost book, was published in the USA in 2016 by African Books Collective (ABC) and Malthouse Press Limited, Lagos, Nigeria. According to the author, The Throne of The Ghost (ISBN 9789789497133) is the book that ignited his writing career in 2014 as a fresh graduate from high school.

Synopsis of the Book

In four hundred and eighty moons ago or thereabout, when Africa was huge farmland, there lived a king in a place known today as Niamina Dankunku, who was endowed with dignity as a result of his wisdom and unquestionable character and well known within the Senegambia, Guinea and Mali region. He had two wives and six children, his first son Ishaq was to succeed him upon his death, but Sheriff, his second son, and his mother Awa led Ishaq astray and planned to kill him. Maimuna, the Jinn who loves Ishaq, was afraid to tell him. But Mariama, a friend of Maimuna, also Jinn, stepped into their relationship and made things more difficult for Maimuna. For more, keep the date.


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