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Tatadindin Jobarteh’s Offspring Pay Tribute To Father, Release Musical Video

By Yunus S Saliu

The children of the legendary musician Tatadindin Jobarteh, have completed work on a musical video in honor of their father.

The son, Ismaila Tata Jobarteh, and daughter Matta Jobarteh joined together to record the musical video titled Baba Yea Laa to pay tribute to their father, Tatadindin Jobarteh – A Kora Icon and one of the greatest Kora players during his life.

It is a short video of about four minutes but with a strong message and praises for the fallen music legend who died in his hometown in Brikama on Saturday, 21st August 2021 at the age of 56.

Tatadindin as popularly called was a legend that has contributed lots and brought positive changes to The Gambia kora music and music in general in the country.

During his lifetime he promoted kora and Gambia music both locally and internationally, he attended several international festivals which included WOMAD (World of Music Arts and Dance) in the UK, the Zanzibar International Film Festival (known as Festival of the Dhow countries) Tanzania and many other international festivals in which he showcased the kora and also promoted Gambia arts and music.

And here in the Gambia, even when he was just recuperating from an illness he participated in the first Kora Awards held in Semega Janneh Hall which was meant to recognize the roles of the great Gambian kora players like Amadou Bansang Jobarteh, Alagie Mbye Conteh, Jali Yanma Suso, late Alagie Mbye and so on.

Among other his contributions, according to Hassoum Ceesay, Director General of the National Centre for Arts and Culture, Tatadindin “contributed a lot to the development of the Gambia Television, and this is important taking into consideration the role of TV in promoting Gambia Arts and Culture. Also brought a lot of positive changes to the Gambia music because, with Jalibah Kuyateh, they were the first to set up fused or joined kora with other musical instruments thus, before, kora was played solo by the great ‘jalis.’ But under Tatadindin and Jalibah the Kora players widened their scope to start having a musical band in which the Kora is the lead.”

When he was alive he recorded lots of albums and participated in lots of international music projects with American artists, British artists, and even in a film with an Austrian filmmaker, too, “in the name of promoting the kora as a musical instrument.”

However, this music video featuring only Ismaila Tata and Matta Jobarteh was promoted by Kora World and Nyancho Entertainment and distributed by Jaalolu, sponsored by Kora World Music and the video production was done by UPI.


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