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Cruise Ship Tourism: An Invaluable Tool To Boost Economy of Coastal Countries

By Yunus S Saliu

Cruise ship tourism continues making its mark across the globe, especially in tourism destinations, it has become more sought-after in destination Gambia, considering its invaluable role in the country’s tourism sector.

Cruise ship tourism became more popular among the youth and working age in Destination Gambia – The Smiling Coast of Africa when a cruise line recruitment agent firm called Cruise Ship Crew Gambia (CSCG) commenced a recruitment operation that gives chances to many youths, particularly the skilled ones to gainful employment with the international cruise line companies.

Dilating on Cruise Tourism, Dr. Hayley Stainton, a tourism academician wrote that Cruise Tourism is big business, “in 2019 (before the COVID crash), the global cruise industry welcomed 29.7 million passengers, created jobs for 1.8 million people around the world, and contributed over $154 billion to the global economy.”

With the above, it is worth knowing that “cruise tourism is essentially a form of enclave tourism encompasses all faces of the tourism industry – accommodation, transportation, hospitality and attractions. Cruising has become the fastest-growing segment in the travel industry across the world and it’s no surprise with the wide variety of cruises on offer nowadays,” Dr. Hayley Stainton explained.

When a cruise ship docks at any destination, it attracts different people lots get happy not for seeing it alone but for the enormous advantages that it comes with, a main reason that many tourism destinations are bouncing back in promoting cruise ship tourism.

Destination Gambia, one of the sought-after tourism countries in Africa has been benefiting from receiving more of this cruise as they transit the destination, among them are MS Amadea Nassau, Alamara Cruise Line, Silversea Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, AIDA, and so on.

However, in Destination Gambia, many people have realized cruise ship potential, especially in job creation and revenue generation, while the Gambia Tourism Board is now taking the lead to enhance its benefits to trickle down the sector for sustainability and everyone to enjoy.

Musa Drammeh, Director of Operation of Cruise Ship Crew Gambia (CSCG) expounded on the essence of cruise ships to destination Gambia, especially that it enclaves different units of tourism so that agile youths can have meaningful employment to better their livelihoods.

Among other things, “The benefits of cruise ships start from employment of qualified job seekers. One cruise line can employ over 1000 people to work onboard while in The Gambia CSGC, as an agent, is given the mandate to recruit 5000 units annually and deploy them to different cruise lines. Docking at the shore of the Gambia when on excursions a revenue generation to the country and people. Vendors, bar and restaurants, hospitals lot more are beneficiaries of cruise ships,” he disclosed.

Each cruise ship is a blessing to any country it berths/docks when on an excursion thus the passengers on board such ships always spend lots of money buying souvenirs and meeting plenties of people.


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