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Destination Gambia – The Smiling Coast of Africa: Beyond Sea, Sun and Sand

By Yunus S Saliu

The Gambia is one of the African tourist destinations followed and visited by tourists and holidaymakers. The destination is widely known and recognized as The Smiling Coast of Africa, a must-visit country. Destination Gambia is known for its friendliness and hospitality that whoever visits once will always like to revisit.

The Smiling Coast is beyond Sea, Sun, and Sand it is a haven on earth, a tropical paradise for bird watching, an ideal place for river cruising, and a home of culture and tradition. Do you want to make a trip to another world as you are planning your holiday, especially for the winter or green seasons, The Gambia must be your choice Destination, a trip to the beauty of the humans and deeply into Africa where you can enjoy different reality if you want to enjoy and experience the journey of your life. The destination is small in size but large and rich in beaches, nature, culture, and hospitality.

Destination Gambia is one of the best winter destinations with the ideal climate, a perfect place to enjoy the sun on the Atlantic coast, clean sands, and beaches, and a craving place for lovers of flora and fauna.  Get to know more about the country as you walk around the tourism development area with one or two trips to the interior part of the country to learn more about culture, history, and tradition.

At the estuary around the islands, you can see dolphins swimming that you will definitely admire while cruising on the River Gambia. With smooth and quiet sailing across ‘bolongs’ – rivers, you can do some fishing activities on River Gambia. Parks and wildlife highly recommended for nature and outdoor lovers to visit while in The Smiling Coast include Abuko Nature Reserve, Baobolong Wetland Reserve, Kiang West National Park, and Reptiles Village among others to see a variety of mammals, and reptiles, and even watch over 550 species of birds, as their chirping will give you the real sound of Africa you want and will always make you want to come back to the country.

For lovers of adventure, Destination Gambia is still the best place where you will have enough time to visit the hinterlands either by road or through river cruising. It is a country of the friendly and for friendly and friendly people that you can participate in and attend different activities like cultural festivals local, national, and international, and visit different places of attractions, too.

However, it is worth knowing that quality accommodations are available in The Smiling Coast. They are all in different categories ranging from 2 to 5-star hotels located around the tourism development area. However, excellent accommodations are not limited to the cities alone as there are some numbers of quality standard lodges and camps in the hinterland.

The Gambia is not only the Smiling Coast of Africa but the country of the Smiling People is also a place for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions (MICE), and MICE is one of the latest tourism products in the destination.

Again, The Gambia is a friendly and welcoming country. A holiday destination just only a six-hour flight from the main European cities, with its animated but not overcrowded seaside resorts, with no or very little jetlag. And if you fall under the spell of the kindness of the Gambians, you will see that the country has many other things to share with you.

Above all, Destination Gambia known as The Smiling Coast of Africa is renowned for its hospitality treatment, stability, peace, and tranquility among other things that make the country a tourism haven in Africa.

Well-known for its unique culture, fashion, creativity; and friendliness, and all these make it a country in everyone’s heart to visit. Still, on your visit, you will be able to see some enlisted UNESCO heritage sites across the country such as Kunta Kinteh Island, Fort Bullen, the former Slave Market Building in Janjanbureh; Stone Circles; the Sacred Ponds, numerous traditional festivals, different markets, snake villages and many other different places of interest scattered across the tourism development area (TDA) and in the country as a whole.

No doubt The Gambia is a second home to all tourists and other visitors. A place you can stay, enjoy, and stay away from the ups and downs and with stress stress-free environment.  What are you waiting for, come and enjoy good resorts and accommodations, excursions, nature, international local, and traditional cuisines, arts and crafts, music and entertainment, shopping, photography, people, and culture.


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