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Festivals in Destination Gambia

When it comes to rich and awesome cultural festivals Destination Gambia known among tourists and regular visitors to the country as The Smiling Coast of Africa is among the beautiful destinations to reckon with. 
The destination, throughout the year, provides different attractive and colourful international, national, and community cultural festivals, with the display of varied cultures and traditions that will hold audiences spellbound. 

Apart from religious festivities, the Destination’s cultural festivals are in different ranges from musical, masquerade, drumming, and dancing to historical among others are included in The Gambia National Calendar of Events.

The Gambia, as a tourist destination in Africa; is a home of cultural festivals with amazing and diverse ethnic groups and tribes such as Mandinka; Fula; Serrer; Jola; Wollof; Sarahuleh with different traditional and cultural backgrounds. Positively, the different traditions and, cultures altogether formed different cultural ways of life across the country. 

However, each of these festivals, of course, has its purpose of celebrations as it is far beyond gatherings and merriments and they are not centered only in the urban areas but in different areas hence festivals in The Gambia are categorized into three different parts – Community, National and International festivals. At every festival, people of different communities come together to share music, songs, masquerades, drumming and their unique traditions with each other for audiences to enjoy. 

In addition, in Destination Gambia, the community cultural festival is an event that is meant to celebrate or commemorate both past and present activities in the society or any community. 

Celebrating cultural festival in the community is very essential it help to transfer the norms and values of the community to the new and future generations. It helps to create and divert more attention to the community at the time of celebration and in future thus people that fancy any of the festivals can decide for settlement. 

Since it is no event, no history, another important part of festivals is that it is used to showcase to the young ones, visitors, and tourists the history of the community regarding the way they do things, lived in the olden days; the relics their forefathers and ancestors left behind with their cultural rites.

Also, festivals allow visitors to gain more knowledge of the destination, especially in terms of the diverse cultures and traditions of the people of The Gambia. A good example of this is the festival showcasing various circles of manhood being at birth; naming; marriage; circumcision, burial ceremonies, and some other diverse ethnic ceremonies.

In The Smiling Coast, the celebration of any of the festivals never precludes tourists or visitors from the hearty enjoyment or other benefits of the event. During and after the celebrations you will always find happiness and sensation in the audience as most of them are looking forward to the next celebration. Festivals in Destination Gambia also create responsible tourism as people chatter away happily waiting for the day to come because it is always a commercial boom period and rejoice period.


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