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Ninki Nanka Trail, a journey full of fun

Since the launch of Ninki Nanka Trail (NNT) in the destination Gambia in February 2020, there is never a dull moment for lovers and tourists that want to experience new adventures and the interior part of The Gambia.
With Ninki Nanka Trail it is not hard to know why The Gambia is well recognised with its brand name – The Smiling Coast of Africa. It is one of the sought-after destinations for tour operators, tourists, and visitors that have a taste and craving for new adventures during their holidays.

Destination Gambia has the perfect combination when it comes to tourism especially its good weather condition, the irresistible 3s – Sea, Sand, and Sun with good palatable accommodation and endless hospitality. Not only this, the unending beaches in the tourism development area (TDA), and the untapped River Gambia itself with the irresistible sparkling blue waters all added to different sceneries both in the cities and hinterlands. In addition to this are the enormous traditions with attractive cultures both tangible and intangible cultural heritages and more that will give you a long life experience on any of your visits to the destination.

All this and more can be enjoyed during your holiday on The Smiling Coast of Africa, in particular with the Ninki Nanka Trail (NNT) trip package.

Ninki Nanka Trail trip package will broaden your upriver and Community-Based Tourism (CBT) experience, and it is a combination of river and overland excursion to see and visit exotic places in the destination.

With Ninki Nanka Trail, you will be able to explore communities and different products with investment opportunities. Your visit to CBT villages will expose you to fascinating insights into local life, history, arts, and different cultures of The Gambia people and their ways of living in peace, harmony, and tranquil environments, as your NNT trip will be led by enthusiastic and experienced tour guides that take your safety and enjoyment a priority.

However, Ninki Nanka Trail is a contrast to ‘sun, sand and sea’ packaged tourism built on the untapped potential of the River Gambia. It is aimed largely at the adventure traveler and special interest groups.

Among other features, the NNT provides a well-rounded visitor experience through a combination of river-based and overland excursions and offers immersive and meaningful interaction with locals in particular through community-based tourism initiatives. Also, it will enable visitors to discover the variety of Gambian natural and cultural heritage while experiencing the important oral legend of the Ninki Nanka dragon.

Following the oral legend of the Ninki Nanka dragon, it is a mythical dragon said to reside in the creeks of the River Gambia, with stories providing accounts of both a benevolent dragon bringing great fortune and a malevolent dragon bringing danger and even death.

Notwithstanding, it is a responsible product that aims to disperse economic benefit to rural areas, and create opportunities for tourism to shoulder the ‘Green’/Tropical Season.’


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