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The Making of a Man

The newly launched book of HRH Oba (Rtn) Dr Moshood Kolawole Abolade (JP), the Ariwajoye 1 of Yoruba Community in The Gambia’s book titled – The Making of a Man is an epoch autobiography.

HRH Oba Moshood Abolade

It is a glossy166 pages book with eight chapters published and printed at Kings Media and Kingsmann Graffix. Chapters in the book included – in the beginning; parentage; post-primary education; at St Andrew’s College; a teacher cum businessman; a call to serve my people; the beckoning to Obaship and the Nigerian Royal Father.

The Author, HRH Oba Mosshood Abolade, used photographs to illustrate the stories in each of the chapters among included his pictures at the age of 5, his secondary school days as a young student; installation as king, and social responsibility pictures.

In the first chapter of the book, the author disclosed that ‘there cannot be history without an event,” as he delved into the history of his birth, he said when Lt. Colonel Yakubu Gowon took over the government of Nigeria from Gen. Aguiyi Ironsi. Thus there had been a counter-coup after the first coup. At that time, in the book, he wrote “Nigeria was boiling by that time because many Senior Army Officers were killed.” General Aguiyi Ironsi who was from the Eastern part of the country was installed being the most senior officer in the Nigerian Army. The Northerners saw the coup as a way of getting rid of their leaders. So, on the 29th of July 1966, a group of military officers mainly from the northern region overthrew the Ironsi regime. The following day, 30th July 1966 one innocent cool-headed, submissive, and loyal woman gave birth to a baby boy.”
In this book, the author explained his teaching career and how he blended it with business saying he was teaching and at the same time having his shop at Alesinloye market in Ibadan, Nigeria. At this shop, he was selling textile materials among other things.

Chapter six of this book delved into his call to serve his people stating that “having spent fourteen years in The Gambia and did not dream for one day that I would be so magnanimously rewarded by Almighty God and men, I dedicated myself to my profession (teaching) initially and later business and above all my community, that is the Yoruba Community in The Gambia which I joined in 2004.”

Commenting on this book, Oba Abolade said he started writing this autobiography book in 13th July 2011 while he applauded a man who saw it coming (the writing of this book) and continued to encourage and reminded him to write this book.

This book furthers our understanding of the importance of everyone on this earth because “to succeed in life, it takes the selfless efforts of others who may be seen directly or indirectly.” In his words of appreciation, he said one of the higher human emotions, as said by Socrates “is the due showing of gratitude” and this I owe to many people too numerous to mention.”

This book is another great addition to the literature that someone should have in the library. It is well written, illustrated with photographs, and therefore highly recommended to all.

Meanwhile, The Making of A Man is a book written by HRH Oba Moshood Abolade to tell his life evolution and it was launched as one of the activities marking his 10th coronation anniversary celebration held 11th of June 2022.


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